Weird Things I See While Working, Volume 3 

The third installment….

Sandwich delivery place, or male prostitution service?   You decide.

Apparently it was too cold for Jesus to rock the tunic and sandals in New England.  He got the wooden cross right, though.

If this were spelled correctly, I would need to buy my mother a house on this street.

This is inside a cab in Manhattan.  Not one sticker, but TWO stickers to remind you not to commit physical assault on the man driving you around.  I mean, that says something right there.  

Caution bored married men and horny teenage boys: do NOT put your penis in here, that’s not what they mean by “Wacker”.  You will be very sorry.  

Dude, I am NOT going rafting here unless Jesus in the picture above is coming along.  Okay, he’s creepy too, so maybe not then either.  

Confederate flag on the front plate, looks like Willie Nelson, and his license plate says this.  I’m thinking he’s not talking about the year.  And he’s probably referring to his sister.  Just a hunch.  

The Ron Jeremy of sign companies.

I’m not a man, but I’m going to speak for my beloved male brethren and say that “exfoliating” and “nads” should never be used in the same sentence, for the safety of all involved.  

Not something I saw while working, something I saw while surfing eBay.  Pay attention to the seller notes.  It’s from China so the grammar isn’t stellar, but “blow powder”?  Wonder how that got through Customs.  Gotta give her points for honesty…or stupidity?

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