I Fear for the Future

Me: Hi, I’m calling because I’m receiving no notification on my IPhone home screen of there being any texts in my inbox until I actually open the app.
AT&T tech support: Hi Ma’am. So you can’t hear anything notifying you?
Me: No, I keep the sound on the phone off. I’m saying there is no visual notification on the home screen that there are any texts in the inbox.

Tech support: Okay, so it’s an IPhone, right? Go into the “Sounds” part under settings. And make sure the sound is on for texts.

Me: I think you’re misunderstanding me. On the IPhone messaging app, there is a little red number for the amount of texts you have waiting for you. I turn off the sound on purpose because it’s rude when I’m with clients, so I rely on the visual part to know when I have texts. That little red number isn’t showing up at all, so I don’t know when I have any texts until I open the app and there are a bunch waiting for me I wasn’t aware of.

Tech support: So you can’t hear anything notifying you or anything visual showing you?

Me: (*Sighing*). No, just the visual part is what I’m concerned about.

Tech Support: So, did you just turn the sound off now? That might be why you’re not hearing the texts.

Me: 😫. Um. It was always off. On purpose. I just need to SEE when there’s a text in there.

Tech support: Oh, so you want to SEE the notification of the text messages on the home screen?

Me: Sweet Mother of All that is Holy, yes.

(*Tries a few basic things in the settings menu she keeps screwing up and getting confused and eventually she figures out–stuff that I could have done myself in a lot less time*)

Tech support: Well, Miss Lisa, I have tried everything and concluded that your text messages are not working.

Me: (*thinking*) God help the next generation if this is the average intelligence level we are dealing with here…..

**Sadly, this isn’t at all exaggerated.